Plenary Lectures


Using zebrafish forward genetic screens to identify genes and pathways affecting human behaviour
Caroline H. Brennan, Phd

Brief Bio

Caroline Brennan did her PhD at King’s College London in the Lab of Prof J.M. Littleton working on adaptive mechanisms underlying drug dependence. She undertook post-doc training at the Clinical Research Centre Harrow, UK before joining the laboratory of Prof Nigel Holder at The Randall Institute, KCL and moving with him to UCL in 1998. Whilst at KCL and UCL she used zebrafish as a genetic model system for analysis of mechanisms underlying development.

Since 2000 Caroline Brennan has been a Lecturer in Molecular Genetics in the School of Biological Sciences QMUL. In her work she combines the two areas of her expertise: 1) molecular mechanisms underlying drug dependence and 2) zebrafish as a developmental genetic model system. Caroline’s team has developed behavioural assays of drug seeking, compulsive drug seeking and relapse in zebrafish and is using lines of mutant fish to explore the genetics contributing to these behaviours.